What makes us different from other agencies?

A tailor-made service

From the financial simulation to the final signature at the notary, our team will guide you through all the stages of your real estate project. Our tools allow investors to know the exact return on their investment or to calculate the possible budget based on your current situation.

Personalized advice

With state training and certifications, our advisers are experts in all aspects of the real estate market (sale, rental, rental management). Quality experience and trust are our keywords.

Intermediation commission progressive

We are convinced that the traditional commission system is no longer suitable. We think we've found the solution - contact us to find out.

Accurate assessments

Our valuations are based on the market approach and value your property according to the latest transactions available in Luxembourg.

We use official data from the latest transactions to rate your property based on two sets of characteristics:

  • the location of your property;
  • the specific characteristics of your property.

For the location of your property, our agent will take into account its address, its district, its environment and its proximity to public transport, schools, supermarkets etc. Regarding the specific characteristics of your property, our agent will take into account its quality, its surface area, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the number of parking spaces and of course all the other characteristics affecting the value. of your good.

All estimates are free!

Contact us by email at contact@urbanlivin.lu for any further information!

Member of the CIGDL (Chambre Immobilière du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg), we are committed to offering you a quality service in absolute compliance with the code of ethics. 

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